What’s Stopping You?!

IMG_20161128_110517Whoever said the sky is the limit is a pessimist. You can do whatever you want in life as long as you follow you’re dreams!!


     Imagine being able to have access to luxurious, private jets without having to pay over $5,000 per seat . Sounds too good to be true right? Wrong! JetSmarter has made the impossible possible by putting the power of flying private right to your hand. Being the world’s most exclusive club in the sky that offers world-class memberships with pristine safety, Sergey Petrossov (founder) truly revolutionized aerospace transportation. You can either fly privately or share to several location of your dreams. JetSmarter memberships even offer you access to many VIP events, which is extremely practical for networking, and Helicopter  transfer to select location! Really, Sergey has created a masterpiece.

     Once I heard about this incredible app, I immediately downloaded it to my phone! I was so astonished after just 20 minutes of scrolling through the app that I enrolled for a membership. Shortly after, I received a phone call from a gentleman named Ernest to answer any questions I may have about the app and services. You better believe I asked every question imaginable, because it is just so unreal! When the flight you see from Atlanta to New York is FREE, your jaw will drop! I can guarantee that 110%! There are membership deals where you get free last-minute flights to fill in extra seats. Not always just one seat… SOMETIMES HALF THE JET OR MORE FOR FREE! Seriously, if you enjoy traveling and have always wanted to travel in pure luxury, this is definitely the route to go!

     There are multiple plans but the two the majority of us will look at include the simple and the smart plan. It’s as easy as that! You will just have to check those out yourself because listing the benifits of both will take me all day! Check out JetSmarter.com or simply Click the link to the left (Privet Jet Shuttles) and explore the website and membership details.




A Party On Wheels

     Do you know what it’s like to be bored after a party or club event?  Obviously, the car ride back is boring! Maybe your plane is landing in Atlanta and you want to get picked up in style. Why Uber when Partylifeatl.com can take you to your destination in true style. Wether you’re a party fanatic or thrive for luxury, Partylifeatl.com can make your arrival the most memorable event imaginable.

     Personally, I have had the privilege to cruise on their bus named Atlantis. That was honestly one of the most incredible experiences I have ever witnessed. Yeah, I was picked up from Georgia’s infamous IRIS, but honestly the ride was far more incredible than the IRIS show itself.

    I know it’s hard to believe a bus can be so significant but join me and the Party Life ATL team at Lenox Mall on May 7th for the Caffeine and Octane event. I guarantee you will be left speachless. We will be demonstrating a couple of the buses with open doors. That’s right! A free tour of what Party Life ATL has to offer. If you would like a chance to win a VIP spot and free entry with one of the buses, feel free to contact me! The offer is very limited so act fast. It would be my personal privilege to demonstrate what Partylifeatl.com has to offer!

Life Has Limitless Opportunities. All We have To do Is Make Them Happen!

No matter what route you take, there will always be a short cut. Learn the difference between the ones you should and shouldn’t take. Exclusive memberships that save you money in the long run, GREAT! Trying to start a new company quickly without getting a patent, NOT GREAT. I’m here to help motivate, promote, and provide any life lesson I can to those who may be in need.

Live life limitlessly.


Whoever said the sky is the limit is a pessimist!

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